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New beginnings are often filled with a mixture of intense feelings. They're full of uncertainty, second thoughts and fears, but also... happiness and lots of excitement. When a new beginning means moving halfway across the world, leaving everything behind and starting anew, at times it can even be very daunting and sad, however making the best of the situation should always take priority. Which is what I did.

My new beginning started on 1st August, 2014. I had packed my whole life in a single suitcase, got onto a plane and flew. 20 hours later I landed in Hong Kong, slid into a taxi and drove through the night to my new home, and so, a new chapter in my life had begun.

It was a little past midnight and the bang of the taxi door behind me signaled the finality of what I had done. I was in Hong Kong. I was living here now. I stood for a while, trying to process everything, but I couldn't. My mind was reeling, yet it was blank. When I got up to floor 12 and went into my bedroom, the first thing I did was draw open the curtains, to find windows making up the entire wall of my bedroom. I fell asleep that night staring at the twinkling lights.

The following day was nothing out of the ordinary, yet it was unbelievably incredible. Starbucks coffee at the Avenue of Stars was had over a conversation that had lasted for hours. My only friend at the time and I talked about everything whilst looking out at the Victoria Harbour, the feeling was indescribable.

It is in the simplest, most ordinary things that we find those special moments that stay with us the longest. 


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