08:37Emilija A

This day was magical. Hong Kong is such a hectic city and the tranquility of Ngong village was like a splash of cold water. I didn't know that this side of HK even existed. It was almost like travelling to a completely different country, the contrast between the central areas and Ngong village is so big. When you're up at the Big Buddha there are mountains as far as the eye can see. It feels so remote and secluded there, as if the people in the village are the only people in the world. You only get that feeling if you travel far out of the main areas like Lantau or the New Territories, but even so, it's hard to believe that you've only traveled for an hour from one place to the next.

Going to see the Big Buddha is one of my favourite things I've done in my life so far. It was so different from anything else I've experienced, it was so peaceful there despite the crowds of people flowing around the area. The entire time my friend and I were so content. And after we were done walking around the Big Buddha and the Po Lin Monastery we went to sit the foot of the mountain and started up at the buddha for about an hour. Very little words were said in that hour. I just cannot describe this feeling we had, my words will never do it justice. 

I will never forget what my friend said to me on our way back to the cable cars. She said, "Your hair is messy as hell, but you're glowing and you look happy." 


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