08:36Emilija A

Gloomy days with clouds covering the sky and not a single spec of blue make it hard to be enthusiastic about exploring places. It's about twice as hard to get out of bed because all you want  to do is snuggle up with a cup of tea, read a book and just lounge around all day. Beating that feeling is hard, but once you do, it is rewarding.

Get on Google, spot a cool place you've not been to before, get on a bus, and just go. Explore the place, stroll around, take your time. Be. Just be. Watch the people, observe. Smile, make conversation with strangers. Eat, ask for recommendations, ask for stories, and why and how. It's fun, and don't let your comfort zone stop you. You never know what's waiting for you just a 10 minute bus ride away.

I took it upon myself to go to Stanley and do all of the above. Walked around the pier, gazed at the scenery at the top of Ma Hang Park, strolled through the market, watched the locals, ate, lounged around on a beach, and just walked and walked some more. Stanley has such a chilled vibe, it is impossible not to love the place.


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