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If you ever search on Google the things that you should do whilst in HK, Victoria Peak will be at the top of the list 99.997265% of the time. It shouldn't be surprising, the views up there are spectacular (to say the least) and impossible to get tired of. Everyone should be able to witness those views at least once in their life. Once you're up there on the sky deck the feeling like you're on top of the world completely engulfs you, because in a way, you are. It is the highest viewing point in Hong Kong.

I remember having a blast that day. My original plan was to go to Tai O, but on the way there I changed my mind. It had been over three months at the time since I moved there, so it made sense to finally visit The Peak. I took the peak tram like any good old tourist would do and enjoyed my ride up. I think I spent a good half an hour up there, after that I went down to the Peak Galleria to have some lunch. The restaurant I went to was overlooking the views of Hong Kong and I ended up sitting at a table next to a man who was looking over the views too. He was in his early fifties I'd say, and after a few minutes he started up a conversation with me. I don't exactly remember what we were talking about but I definitely know we had a good conversation since we both left with smiles on our faces.

Before heading back down to Central I took a short walk around Pok Fu Lam country park and when I got down to Central I decided to walk past LKF. I'm so glad I did because there was a Brazilian-style carnival taking place. It was awesome. Below are the pictures I took that day. 


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