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Wanderlust - n 
a great desire to travel and rove about

I get struck by the feeling of wanderlust all the time. Sometimes it's so strong that I have to take action right that second. Other times, I get the burning wanderlust feeling during travel itself. This past weekend, I was struck with the latter. 

Our Saturday started early. My friend and I had breakfast at around 9 AM, then got our laptops and got to work. She worked on her project for work and I was revamping my blog. The next time we looked at the time it was already 3 PM which meant it was lunch time. So we got ready and went out to eat to one of the local restaurants. After that, we decided to take a walk. It was just a joke in the beginning 'Oh let's go for a walk to help digest the food, haha' but that quickly turned into 'Yeah let's go!' And we just walked. And walked. And walked.

We came across a place we didn't even know existed and I couldn't be happier over the fact that we discovered such an incredible place. It was when we came across a trail leading up the mountain that the wanderlust kicked in. As soon as we saw it, just like that, both of us knew that we had to go follow the trail to see where it goes. The pictures at the end show you just where that trail took us. 

I feel like I say this a lot, but I seriously cannot even begin to describe just how much I loved that place. I cannot put it into words what seeing that view made me feel. It was like staring at a painting - I literally just couldn't believe my eyes. It was one of those moments where sitting and looking for an hour didn't work to help process it all. Even sitting back and reflecting on it after getting back home didn't work, the view was that incredible. What made it all the more special, was the fact that some of the locals we met along the way told us that usually they are never able to see as far as Lantau Island (the high mountains behind the wall of clouds is Lantau) so we got very very lucky to be able to see the view. Just... mind blowing. This... this feeling I get when I travel is exactly the reason why I started blogging. I just want to share it with people. It is so overwhelming and great and I just hope that others feel it too. 

Below are the pictures we took that evening. Excuse the bad quality, these were taken with my phone, I didn't go prepared because I didn't think that taking a camera to lunch would be needed. Boy, was I wrong. All jokes aside, I think I might surgically attach my camera to my hand because this always happens to me. The times when I need the camera most are the times I don't have it with me. I think it's about time I learned that lesson.


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