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You know it's going to be a good day if it starts with a wake up call and the person on the other end asks you to go out and do something with them. That put me in a good mood straight away, however it was quickly dulled once I opened the night curtains in my room. The sky was grey with promises of rain and the trees below swayed from the wind. If I stayed quiet enough for long enough, I could hear the wind howling quietly. Even though the weather was disappointing, like the good little troopers we are, we ventured out into the world regardless.

The entire day was cold, windy and miserable. It seemed like the day wanted to get us down, but it was just not succeeding, we were having too much fun. That's what happens when two crazies get together. We arrived to Shek O with an empty bus. It almost seemed like we missed our stop, simply because the place was deserted. With little else to do, we followed the road. As we delved deeper into the village, time ceased to exist for a while. After numerous discoveries, pictures, poses, smiles and conversations we swerved to an interesting looking eatery. Once our food and drinks were ordered we proceeded to sit with our jackets inside, rubbing our numb fingers and arms to get rid of the goose bumps. 

The thought of leaving the place was not something we were looking forward to. Nobody would with that kind of dreary weather outside, little did we know, the best was yet to come. We reached the pier withing minutes of leaving the eatery and after pretending we didn't see the sings warning us not to proceed, we trekked onwards. 

It rained, it was cold, it was foggy, but it was all worth it. 

Favourite quotes of the day are as follows;

"This bag was not made for hiking."

"If I slip, break my hand, fall into the water and start drowning, at least you have my phone with you."


P.S. All pictures taken of me were taken by my friend Fayme.

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