For those who don't know am I am a massive bookworm, and this bookworm right here is heavily involved in the reading community. So I don't think this post will be a surprise to anyone, that being a bookworm I consume books in all mediums that there is. But it wasn't always the case... See, I love physical books with a passion. My love for reading began with physical books, so this format holds a special place in my heart. I love looking at them, I love their smell, the atmosphere bookshelves create in my room, just everything about them. Just imagine my horror when I discovered audio books and then e-readers. I was against buying an e-reader or listening to audio books for the longest time. It was a straight up 'NO'. I felt like I'd be betraying my love for books if I did. But then, certain circumstances happened which forced me to buy a kindle, then other circumstances happened where I ended up downloading Audible. 

I've had my kindle paperwhite for a couple of years now and it never, ever, leaves my bag anymore. I've come to love it just as much as my physical books, even though it will never replace them. Same with audio books. They will never replace physical books, but they have their own certain type of charm. I simply want to talk about all of these mediums today.

E-readers are convenient. Extremely so. They're light, and are able to store hundreds of books in a single device (and it weighs less than a single paperback). That means, if you're traveling, you don't have to take multiple books, which saves space and weight in your luggage. It also means, that you have options. You will never be bored, or have to read a book you don't like, or run out of books to read. Personally, I'm the type of person that will abandon a book if I start disliking it or if it simply doesn't grip me. I'm also the type of person who reads multiple books at once. Having a kindle takes care of those problems. Awesome stuff all around. Want to hear a massive bonus? There are many, oh so many, free novels on Amazon. Hell yeah!

Physical books are magical. Personally, I love everything about them. I love the physicality of them, collecting them (especially hardbacks), and I love the atmosphere they create in a room. It is impossible not to feel calm once in a room with books (at least for me). I love flipping the page of a book after I've read it, I love writing notes in the margins, and the overall experience of reading a physical book. My winter holidays at home consist of endless hours in front of the fire place with a cup of tea and a (physical) book. Perfection. I love seeing books age, I love seeing them get character after you've spilled tea, or tears on the pages. I love how I can pick any novel off of my bookshelves and see the novel tell a story about its life in my possession. And the absolute best thing ever, ever, ever is when I buy a used book on Amazon or at a flea market and see the life the book has lived before it came into my possession. Reading someone else's notes in the margins gives a glimpse of its previous owner and what their thoughts were on the book. That is the best feeling ever, and any other book lover will tell you the same (at least I hope so).

Audio books are just in a league of their own. I discovered Audible after seeing all of my favourite YouTubers talk about it. One day, I was suffering from reading withdrawal, but there was just no way I could sit down and read due to lack of time, and even though I was completely against audio books I just said, 'You know what? I'll download it.' And that's exactly what I did and I never looked back. Whilst I love the physicality of books and I love the actual process of reading text on paper, audio books fill in a gap that physical books and e-readers can't. Don't get me wrong, I'm the type of person who has in the past, and still continues to read books as I walk to places... But it gets tiring and is also dangerous. That's where audio books come in. I can listen to books whilst I'm walking to places (and I walk everywhere), I can listen whilst I'm running or working out, and even whilst I'm getting ready in the morning or cooking. Audio books are awesome. It took me a while to get used to having to listen to a book, but once I got used to it, I can't imagine my life without this magical app. Now, I can quite literally read and listen to books throughout all of my waking hours. Awesomness all around.

To summarise, books are awesome. Simple as. It doesn't matter which method of reading you prefer, and it most certainly doesn't mean that one method of reading is inferior to the other. What matters, is that you read. So go read. It's magical. 

Also, let me know your thought down below. How do you like to read your books, and why? 


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