I've literally had this song on repeat for longer than a week, it is so good. It's called "Remembering Myself" by Stephen on SoundCloud. Have a listen below. When I started listening to it, for some reason I got nostalgic. This is actually not the first time it has happened to me. The song "There Might Be Coffee" by deadmau5 also makes me feel nostalgic every single time I listen to it and that is just the weirdest feeling ever because I don't have any memories attached to either of these songs. But anyway, whilst listening to "Remembering Myself" I had the biggest urge to go through all of my pictures that I had. It made me really happy looking back on all of my adventures, but also I longed to experience them all over again. Nostalgia is such a cunning feeling, it makes you happy and then it makes you sad. I'm not sure how I feel abut nostalgia, whether I like this feeling or not, and I don't think I'll ever figure it out either.

What do YOU think about nostalgia? Let me know your thoughts down below, I'm genuinely interested in what others think about it. 


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