As it's the new year and stuff, I, like any other regular homo sapiens on this magical planet Earth have been doing some thinking. And imma tell you what I've thought about. So I haven't blogged in a while, right? Well, that's because I had kind of lost all passion for blogging. For a while I didn't know why that was, I no longer seemed to have a passion for writing and if you know me you KNOW that's all I do - read and write. Like, all the damn time. If I'm not doing either of those things, that means I'm thinking about them. So I'm sitting one day, scratching my head, thinking what he hell went wrong. I didn't know what went wrong and when and that made me frustrated. So I said to myself; "Emilija, WTF. Get your shit together". I literally had no idea how to do that, but the only thing that made sense was to open up the blog. I stared at my laptop screen for a while, then went to the last page and started to read back all of the posts I've written.

What I read back, kind of shocked me. That sounds a little dramatic, but honestly, it did shock me because it didn't feel like I had written those words. I couldn't spot a single sentence that could tell the reader my personality - there was nothing behind those words. Anyone could have written them. I sound so polite and correct in those posts, and that's so far from what I am as a person. For one, I swear like a sailor, and in the way that I've written previously was not the way that I speak in real life. I'm not always right, and I don't always explain my reasons for things in the right ways, and I make mistakes, so many mistakes. I then compared this blog here to the private Tumblr blog that I have called 'Life in Low Quality" which I use as a journal/diary (whatever you wanna call it) with short posts of good memories and shit quality and obscure pictures. Immediately I thought, "right, why am I not writing like that on this blog?" 

Now finally onto the point of this post, this is what I'm going to start doing. I'm going to write like I write. No more correctness out of fear of what others will think or if I offend anyone with my cursing. I'm done with that. 

Happy New Year! :) 


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