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"The bride died but we survived." 
- Lorena 

That's how my friend Lorena summed up our day whilst sitting in Starbucks over gingerbread lattes at the Avenue of Stars (in Hong Kong). That statement is both funny and clever because the bride did die (or at least that's how the ancient story goes about Bride's Pool) and also because we just barely managed to not injure ourselves during this hike. It rained the day before so the terrain wasn't perfection to walk on, especially all the rocks surrounding the actual waterfalls. The amount of times we've slipped, tripped, almost fell, or did something else that could have potentially ended in an injury is just way too big of a number.

This hike is called The Bride's Pool Nature Trail and it covers both Bride's Pool and Mirror Pool. The hike can of course, like many hikes in HK, be way longer than the amount of time we trekked for, but we were simply bound by the limited times of public transport and had to cut the hike short. It's not a problem if you're in Hong Kong Island or even the Kowloon side, but in more remote places like Plover Cove Country Park? Yeah, getting a taxi here after the last bus leaves would be a problem.

The first waterfall that you encounter on the trail is Bride's Pool. I think now may be the time to explain what Lorena meant when she said that 'the bride died but we survived'. Basically, there's a legend which says that a bride was being carried in a sedan to her wedding in really bad weather, one of the porters slipped, the bride fell into the pool and died. That's why it's called the Bride's Pool.

*Picture taken by my friend Fayme.

(I walked around with a soaked shoe for the rest of the hike after the above picture was taken because I slipped into the water. But let's keep that between you and me, ok? Let everyone else think I'm a pro at this.)

After we visited the waterfalls we had 4 hours to kill until the last bus so we decided to go further into the unknown and see what we found. We weren't too disappointed as we ended up coming to a little village in the middle of nowhere in the mountains. We ended up taking a nap there. Ahh, good times. I also managed to take a sneaky selfie because they both passed out instantly whilst I took my time to get comfortable.

After the nap we trekked our way back just in time for the last bus and we ended up going, as I've mentioned in the beginning of the post, to Starbucks at the Avenue of Stars. Some good conversations were had, some half-decent lattes were had, some good views were taken in and then it was time to go home. So we caught a ferry and were on our way.

*Picture taken by my friend Lorena.


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