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So, Imma 'bout to get real here for a moment or two. I'm feeling like shit today so instead of putting myself through the pain and going to my uni lectures (which would quite literally feel like walking through Dante's nine circles of hell), I decided to stay home in case something worse happens. That way I can make sure I'm in a safe environment, ya know? Fainting in the middle of a lecture wouldn't be a good thing. Anyways. Since I'm home all day today, I know that I should do some work since I missed the lectures, or at the very least work on my dissertation. HOWEVER. I'm the worst procrastinator there is when it comes to uni work, and since I've already done everything else that I could possibly do to procrastinate (like clean the entire house, scroll through my entire IG and Tumblr feeds), I had to get creative. So here I am. About to share the recipe of one of my favourite snacks of late. 

Roasted chickpeas. These babies have been making my world go round these past couple of weeks. I'm not even kidding, I make these every other day. They're that good. Crunchy and delightful. I think I found the recipe sometime ago whilst scrolling through my Pinterest feed. One day I thought, you know what? I have all of the ingredients, I'll go make it. I did. And after that, I was forever changed. Ok enough of my rambling, let's get to the juicy bit - the recipe. 


Soaked and boiled chickpeas (or you can buy them ready made in cans) (and there's no set limit here of how much you can make at one time, wohoo!) 
Olive oil 
Cumin / paprika (take your pick! I've tried the chickpeas with both, and they still taste heavenly with either of those spices) 

OPTIONAL (you really don't have to add either one of these, but I'm just really extra and I'm here to share with you how I make mine soooo...) 

Chilli flakes 


1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius (that's 390 Fahrenheit).

2. Whether you've soaked and boiled your chickpeas or used them from a can, drain the chickpeas and dry them, possibly with a paper towel. (That's how I do it.) After you've dried them you should notice the skins come off. Take of as many as you can, this will help for the chickpeas to become nice and crunchy.

3. Line a baking tray with grease proof paper, then put all your chickpeas onto the tray.

4. Cover the chickpeas with olive oil. Like, you need to drown them in it. I'm not joking. When you think you've poured on enough, pour some more. (If you're someone who likes to measure things, I'd say you probably need between 10-15 tablespoons of olive oil, but I idk, I'm bad at measuring and following recipes so don't quote me on that. What am I even doing, I'm like the worst person to give people advice on cooking since I do everything by instinct myself.) 

5. Then, cover the chickpeas with all of your chosen spices. I'd say to probably use half a tea spoon of all the spices (salt, oregano, chilli flakes) and a table spoon or cumin/paprika. But that depends on how many chickpeas you're baking at the time, to be honest.

6. Time to get messy. Roll around the chickpeas to make sure they're all covered evenly and make sure to leave the chickpeas laying in a single layer (as shown in one of the pictures above) and not in a pile. You want them to get crunchy, don't you?

7. This step is optional, but like I said, I'm super extra sooo... Anyway. After I spread out the chickpeas in a single layer I add more cumin and salt, like a top coat of spices, if you will.

8. Put the chickpeas in the oven and let them roast for 20 minutes. I would recommend to roll them around at the 10 minute mark, to make sure they're roasted evenly. 

STEP NINE - VOILA! You did it! Now, eat the totally delightful and wonderful snack. Rich in fiber, calcium, iron, and many other things. Bon apetit!


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