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Personally, there were only two reasons why I wanted to go to Dublin, Ireland. One, to simply have a pint of Guinness, and two, to see the Trinity College Library. Everything else I saw and did in Dublin was the cherry on top. This was a great trip, I loved everything about it from start to finish. What made it even more fun was the fact that this trip was as spontaneous as the day when we thought of it. So let's backtrack a lil bit. A month before the trip, I was spending the day with some friends, and at some point we ended up going into a pub. I was having a pint of Guinness in that pub. After some musings in my head I told everyone "how cool would it be to go to Dublin, just to have a pint of Guinness, then come back?". All hell broke lose after those words were out of my mouth. Everyone got super excited, I checked online only to find out that in a months time return tickets would only be £20 AND THEN, we realised that one of the friend's birthday would be during those days and that was basically it. We HAD to go. And we did. It was lit. Did I mention there were 8 of us? Yeah, we were a fun bunch. I'm not even being sarcastic here, we really were. All the more surprising was that none of us got into any arguments or anything of the sort. We spent 3 full days in Dublin; flew out at 7 AM on Thursday and came back at 10 PM on Saturday. So, as you go through the pictures I'll be explaining what you're looking at and what we got up to. 

DAY 1 

Oh yay, waking up at 4:30 AM, I'm really excited about that. Anyway. Let's skip to the part where we landed in Dublin and took the bus into city centre. It was barely 10 AM by the time we got there so many of the shops and restaurants were still closed, and we wanted breakfast badly. Like, we were starved. We found a little coffee shop later on in the Temple Bar area and had breakfast there, but at that point it was, what, 12 PM? Something like that. After that, we realised we were very close to the Dublin Castle so we went in for a guided tour. It was nice. I think we spent maybe an hour or so in the museum close to it. After that we started making the trek to the Guinness Storehouse. That place was super cool. It was like a full museum, eight stories full of stuff all about Guinness, the history, how it's made, how to drink it, and a lot of other interesting stuff. On the top floor, you can overlook Dublin, and drink your complimentary pint of Guinness. Yes, please. That was the first of two bucketlist things I wanted to do. And you know, in the evening we went back to Temple Bar for dinner before going to check into the hotel. 


Day two was also full of walking aimlessly for hours on end, however we did see some awesome stuff too. The first was Trinity College and its library, of course. Seeing the library was the second thing I wanted to accomplish for my bucketlist. Now that it was done, I was very happy as you can imagine. The library was just so freaking stunning. We spent a good hour there I believe, the guided tour alone was 30 minutes (which by the way, we had an amazing guide, he was absolutely hysterical). After Trinity College, we went to eat, then started making the incredibly long way to Jameson's Distillery. The worst possible thing that could have happened during that walk, happened. It rained. The weather that day was cold and windy so it was shitty enough as it was, but no. It had to rain and make things worse. Oh, I'm not bitter about that at all, it's not like I got a cold when I came back or anything. Anyway. Jameson's was also a good time. The tour guide showed us through the process of how Jameson's is made, then we had a taste test on how to distinguish whiskey's. It's official, we got certificates and shit. How cool is that? Very cool. Yeah, I think after Jameson's we went back to Temple Bar for dinner and made our way back to the hotel. Side note, Irish pubs are so much fun to be in. 


Weeeee! Day three! This was a very relaxing day because we had nothing planned, and so we spent hours and hours just walking around. We went to some parks, were in absolutely no hurry at all, and it was nice. Before going to the airport we went back to the Temple Bar area, had dinner, and after we did we realised that we still had a little over an hour of free time before we had to go to the airport. So I kind of ended up making up a third thing that I should have accomplished in Dublin for my bucketlist: I got a tattoo. It's a small tattoo of a Celtic knot, at the back of my leg, just above the ankle. Yolo, am I right? After that we went to the airport and it was bye bye Dublin, see you in the summer! 

Overall, like I said, I enjoyed this trip a lot. It was fun and nice and not too exhausting and the company I went with was good and it was just nice. Wow, can I say the word nice one more time? Nice. Yeah. Anyway. Dublin is a really great place for a weekend trip, and it's so freaking cheap to go there! The city is very clean, the people are welcoming, there are a lot of things to see and do. I highly recommend this destination. Since we went in November, the weather wasn't great, so I want go back during the summer. I can already imagine just how awesome it will be there when there's sun! 


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