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Soooooo... It's been a while hasn't it? It has indeed. Again. I have reasons why I wasn't writing before. Being a final year uni student and all, I had to write my dissertation, then had to prepare for my exams. When the final exam was over at 13:15 on May 16th, 2016 I picked up all my shit, went to a place called The Warehouse to have a pint of BlueMoon with my course mates for the last time, then went home to start packing for my celebration trip to Lisbon. Which finally brings to me the reason of this post. Yay.

I went to Lisbon, Portugal with my friends to celebrate the end of the crazy four year journey called University. I'll probably write all about that after graduation, but we'll see! Not making any promises. So anyway. Portugal. Yes. We had the most wonderful trip. Any person who likes to travel and does it often will tell you that travelling with a local is one of the best things ever. One of my closest friends, Sandra, is from Lisbon, and when we travelled we got lucky enough to stay with her at her parent's house. It was an amazing experience to be able to see the true Portuguese way of life. 

As with any travel post I do, it will be photo heavy (but we're all here for the pictures anyway, so...). We did some walking around the city centre at night after we landed, which was super nice, but tiring as hell. Did I mention I had an exam that same morning? Anyway.

Day 1

Next day we went to a cafe in the morning to have a typical Portuguese breakfast, which consisted of an espresso, pastries, and toasted bread with salty butter. After that we made our way to the boat which got us to the main part of Lisbon. That's pretty much all we did that day; just walk around the city, eat, take pictures, walk some more. We visited Terreiro de Paco, Baixa, Chiado, and Castle St. George. Towards the evening we got a tuk tuk to Pasteis de Belem to get the best nata's in Lisbon and sat at Parque dos Jeronimos whilst eating. 

Day 2 

Next day was full of nothing. We spent the entire day at the beach doing nothing and it was magical. We all needed that day to just relax and honestly, it was the best thing ever. To end the day we had a pitcher of sangria then went home. We went to do some late night shopping too, but this was honestly just a chill day. This was a holiday after all. 

Day 3 

Day three was great but also painful, because BOI DID WE GET SUNBURNT! Ever heard of sunscreen, Emilija? I never ever learn this lesson. I always get sunburnt. We all did, actually. That's why for the most part we were walking around with long sleeves and pants. On the agenda was the original Cristo Rei, then we drove to the other side of Lisbon to have lunch by the beach. This was a chill day, again, awesomeness all around. 

Day 4

Well, technically we only had half a day because our flight was at 6 PM. We woke up late because we went out the night before (I mean, of course) so we had breakfast and a pitcher of Sangria (totally normal on a holiday), got our shit together, then went to the city to have lunch. I believe. I'm not really sure to be honest, the last day was a lil bit of a blur.

I only have good things to say about this trip. I was surrounded by the most incredible group of people - my closest friends. There were so many jokes, and laughs, and fun, and silliness, and everything else that's good. Looking back at the pictures makes me miss the whole experience. I also have a two minute video of us in the car back from the night club, I cry from laughter every time I listen to it. We were absolutely wasted at that point, waiting at the McDonald's drive through, complaining about how hungry we were, Agneska at one point spoke French, I don't think she even knows the language. Just, ugh. These girls, man. That's probably the worst bit of uni, when it ends and everyone just kind moves on with their lives in all these different directions. That makes me sad, but nevertheless, I am incredibly grateful I got to meet this bunch of weirdos. 


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