ALRIGHT FAM, THIS IS GONNA BE A LONG ONE. Grab some popcorn and a redbull cuz this shit is gonna get you high. 

(I want to preface this review by saying that Three Dark Crowns was my most anticipated read of 2016. I shit you not, I had hyped up this novel so much in my own damn head that when I pre-ordered the book it was all I could think about.) 

I'm deceased right now so I'm having difficulty putting my thoughts together, bare with me. 

Ok, I'll start with the fact that Three Dark Crowns is a good introductory novel in this series. Yes, it blew my socks off regardless, but there are definitely things that I wanted more of. The potential for this series to be amazing is there and Kendare Blake definitely knows how to write, so I'm excited to see where this series goes. 

This is not a YA novel. Or rather, it shouldn't be classified as a YA novel. This is straight up fantasy here. The world in Three Dark Crowns is super interesting and I'm really excited to see where the series is gonna progress in terms of setting, culture, religion etc. There was a good introduction to all of these, and I definitely got the feeling that these things will be explored further in the following books. I AM EXCITED. 

We didn't get to see a lot of world building (in comparison to like, actual epic fantasy novels, but there was enough information), we also didn't get to see a lot of character development until the very end. For the majority of the novel we were just getting to know the characters - which is something I didn't mind at all. Like I said, there is character development that we see at the end. Those moments from the end were promises being made for future novels. I'M EXCITED AS FUCK. 

The writing was absolutely stunning. There were so many good moments in this book that made my jaw drop it is actually ridiculous. One thing that I am disappointed about is the fact that this book was too short (in my opinion). I wanted more. I also want to touch on the narrative. We have a quite a big cast of characters here and I think the narrative of third person was handled pretty good. I kinda got the feeling that sometimes it was written in third person limited, but sometimes it felt more like third person omniscient. (But that's probably just me because I'm literally learning about narrative right now and I could just be confused because I don't know enough yet. Somebody help out here who's read the book.) 

All in all, this book was great. I think it is a bang of an introduction to the world and the characters and I'm really looking forward to see where this story goes. I honestly highly recommend this novel.

RATING: 5/5 stars!! 


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