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I'm going to keep it short and sweet today. I've wanted to introduce a wellness series on my blog for the past year, if not more. Both physical and mental. Physical health is very important and there has been an increase in the discussion of physical health online. It almost literally exploded everywhere. While this is great as I'm sure it's inspiring and motivating for some, I also think that we shouldn't neglect the discussion of our mental health. I think more people need to realise the fact that we need to take care of our minds just as much, if not more.

I've decided to title this series "LET'S TALK WELLNESS" because I want it to be a discussion. When I first asked about this on my Instagram account if it was something people would like to read about, I was absolutely astounded and incredibly humbled by the response I got - all of the encouragement. I'm driven more than ever before now to put this series together. You have no idea how many posts I've written and re-written on the subjects. It's time to start this conversation.

So what can you expect to see in the future? Well, I'll be putting posts together in regards to exercise, food, body issues, confidence, mental health, spirituality, and throughout it all - my story and my own experiences with these topics. To give you some background and provide a little of an understanding as to where I'm coming from.

Much love.


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