I've been really looking forward to doing this blog post for a while now. &book is a curated monthly book subscription box. Wow, what a mouthful that sentence was. Like many other subscription boxes out there, it has a different theme every month and the book along with all of the goodies in the box are according to the theme. The October theme was POSSIBILITIES. I was sent the October box because I took pictures for their IG feed for a while (which was amazing), and I held off doing an unboxing as soon as I got it because I didn't want to spoil the contents for others who still hadn't received their box. It's been a while now, so let's get to unboxing! 

The box came with a bunch of awesome stuff. This month it included: 

- A note stating what was inside the box
- A vegan chocolate bar
- A pack of "Got the Sniffles" tissues
- A small 'Possibilities' notebook
- A pin with a selected quote (which gets submitted by a reader)
- A paper bookmark on which the same quote is printed
- An antique-esque key and letter bookmark 
- A hand-made Enchanted Rose lip balm 
- The book which was Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven 


First of all I just want to say that receiving a subscription box is like experiencing a Christmas morning and that is fucking amazing. I get the appeal now, I GET IT. In all honestly, I really enjoyed this box. The chocolate (which was delicious) and the tissues (because I had a cold) are long gone. Both of the bookmarks are already in use (I'm using the antique-esque one, my mum is using the paper one). Which by the way, the antique-esque bookmark is the coolest thing ever, I'm in love with it. The pin is already on my rucksack. The book was on my TBR and I will definitely get to it at some point. The lip balm never leaves my side. It smells incredible. Like, I wouldn't be able to describe the scent to you, because it kinda smells like roses, but it kinda doesn't. I don't know what that smell is, but the balm is made from all natural ingredients and I use it all the time. The only thing I have no use for is the notebook. I personally don't like notebooks like that, so I'll probably have to give it to my grandma or something. I also thought that the goodies could have come in a box that was a little bit fuller of padding (??) because there was quite a bit of free space and that just makes me anxious for some reason. But anyway. That's the box. 

Let me know if you get any subscription boxes and what you think of them! 

Much love. 


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