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I have come to realise that I never made a post about my trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. Shame on me. I went there at the beginning of September (omg Emilija, seriously?? You're only posting about it NOW?!) and spent 3 days there, it was definitely more than enough time for someone who's going solo. I also couchsurfed this trip (meaning I stayed at a local's house rather than a hostel or hotel). It was awesome. I'm going to be telling you about my adventures there through the lens of my (personal) Instagram. Let's go!


Before we start - imma give you a little context. In August I went to Lithuania with the intention to stay there for a month because I have friends and relatives there. Before I actually left for my trip to Lithuania, I thought "oh man, everyone is going to get sick of me if I stay there that long. Better take a short vacay somewhere so we don't end up killing each other." That's exactly what I did. I booked tickets for a short trip to Copenhagen because I have a friend who lives there. I didn't stay with this friend, I stayed at someone else's place btw.

I had to get up 4 am to get the flight which was an absolute pain in the ass but also cool because I literally had a full day in Copenhagen. I landed at like 7:30 am or something crazy early like that, I don't remember now. But one thing I knew - the city was not going to be open. So the one place I knew was going to be open FOR SURE was, of course, everyone's beloved Starbucks. Literally the first thing I did was get a coffee and connected to the wifi because I had to let everyone know I was alive and my plane wasn't hijacked.

I started talking to my friend who's from Copenhagen and we decided to meet in a couple of hours for lunch. So I spent the free time at Starbucks, enjoying the free wifi for as long as I could. Then I made my way to the central train station to catch a train to where she lived.

Above you can see my journey to the train station and then the lunch I got with my friend because FOOD. Hummus salad with rye bread. Delicious. We had a really good conversation and later on she took me to a local library where you can buy books... and I ended up buying a short poetry book in Danish. Omg, don't judge me ok? I know I can't read it, but it's the memories that count when it comes to the book.

After that I took the train back to the central station and by this time it was maybe like 12 or 1 pm... Something like that. I had arranged to meet up with my couchsurfing host at 5 pm so I had quite a bit of time. I had no plans...

Ok actually, let's side track for a minute. Can we all just sit together and digest the fact that I did absolutely zero planning for this trip? Literally the night before I was going to leave, I went on google to look up stuff to see in Copenhagen. Then I went onto maps to see where all of those things were located. I saw that they were all in the city centre so I was like "perfect, everything's within walking distance, awesome, amazing, goodnight." And that was that.

Anyway. When I was back in the city centre it started to rain so I spent the next hour or so walking in the rain. I had just had lunch so I wasn't hungry and getting a third coffee of the day would have been the end of me so going into a cafe to wait out the rain wasn't an option. I continued walking around. Somehow to my own astonishment, I came across the Botanical Gardens. #blessedAF It was so warm inside and by the time I left the sky had cleared up a bit and the sun was peeking out every once in a while.

After my walk around the gardens I made my way back to the direction I had come from, lord knows where I was actually going. Omg I can't stop laughing at myself when I remember all those times I literally walked around in circles, being lost, etc. Who the hell goes abroad without doing any prior planning? I do apparently.

On my way to wherever it was I was going, I went through the Christiansborg Palace. TMI but I needed a toilet and tourist-y places always have them. That's your tip for today. I even took a picture inside because there was the biggest mirror I've ever seen inside. After that, I continued walking wherever and had dinner somewhere in some alley. I don't know. But the view I had was amazing. It also looked like the sky was mad at something because look how black those clouds were!

Yeah after my dinner situation I went to meet my host, we went to his place. We had an awesome evening, we talked, we watched Mr Robot, we went to sleep at like 9 pm because we were exhausted.


The second day was probably the most exciting because my host had a day off work so he showed me his favourite parts of the city. We started with a coffee and our first stop was the Christiansborg Palace. The day before I only went through the palace and went into the toilets, but the place interested me and I wanted to take all four tours that they offered within the palace (the royal reception rooms tour, the ruins tour under the palace, the royal kitchens tour, and the royal stables tour).

We entered the palace from the back where the stables were so we saw the horses train. It was a sight to see. On our way to the main building to buy the tour tickets, we were walking past the stables. Thing is, there was nobody in the stables and at the time there were no signs at all to indicate on what one can and cannot do in the stables. So we went in. When you enter you can go either to the left or right. I mean obviously there's no up or down, but you get it. We took a right. We saw some MAJESTIC AF royal horses. I even got to pet one! We went further down and saw an open door to a different room so we walked in and saw carriages. They were very pretty. Then we left to buy the tickets for the tours. And WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT. One of the official tours was a tour of the stables. The stables that we had just come from. We kinda just looked at each other and didn't say a word about it. Yikes. Later on when we went to the stables tour, we found out that the entire right side of the stables was blocked off (the side that we went to) and there had now been a sign put up staying not to pet the horses. Double yikes.

The first tour we went on was for the royal reception rooms. They were some of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. One of the rooms we saw was the queens private collection of 90,000 books. That library looks like something out of Beauty and the Beast. Just look at it!! The second picture you see below - to say that the tapestries in that room are impressive is an understatement. 60 people worked on them and it took 10 years to complete them.

After the tours (which probably took us like 2 hours to see them all) he took me to a cafe that one must absolutely visit in order to experience the best cake Copenhagen has to offer. The place is called La Glace, tucked away in one of the narrow streets at the heart of Copenhagen. The cake was truly worth the walk. I mean come on, it's cake. After that we decided to walk to see the statue of The Little Mermaid. The original version.

We later on took a canal tour and one of the stops was by The Little Mermaid. They told us some horrible things that had happened to her. I honestly have no idea why anyone would do this, but the statue has been violated in many ways. At one point her head was even decapitated. Poor mermaid! She's not hurting anyone, she's just being sad.

After the canal tour we decided to sit by one of the canals, just chilling. To end the evening we went to go get dinner at Paper Island (Papir√łen), the island is full of street food and only street food. At the time I was there the Copenhagen Art Week was going on and we saw an art exhibition by Yoko Ono. It was pretty impressive. Then we had Thai takeout and talked to some Australians by the water. It was a pretty good evening.


This was probably my favourite day. By this time I knew my way around the city, I knew where my favourite coffee was so I went there, had breakfast, then walked around the city centre some more because it's soooo pretty there. This day was the most relaxed because there were only a couple of places I wanted to go see.

The first location of the day was the Church of Our Saviour. Why? I'll tell you why. You see that tower below? You see that swirl-y thing at the top? Those are stairs. You can climb to the very top of the tower (the last 150 steps being outside of the tower) and see all of Copenhagen. You can also see Sweden from there, which is pretty cool. Just FYI, it was actually a lot scarier to climb the stairs inside the tower than outside. The stairs inside were wooden, old, kept creaking, bent when you stepped on them, and they were way too steep for my liking - that's what gave me anxiety the most. Whereas in contrast, the stairs outside of the tower felt sturdy and had a lot of space, and weren't steep. I think I forgot to mention that I am also kinda terrified of heights, but that wasn't gonna stop me from climbing to the very top. I fought myself with every step but I knew that if I didn't climb to the very top I'd regret it later. So I just had to weight out my options - be terrified for a while then happy I did it, or regret it later. I went with the former.

I would like for you to divert your attention to the picture on the right below. That area where there's a bunch of trees, that specific neighbourhood is called Christiania. Boy do I wish I had pictures from that neighbourhood! It was occupied by squatters (basically hippies) in like 1970's because the area was full of abandoned warehouses and military bases. The people there created their own rules etc. and basically this is now called Freetown Christiania and it is completely separate from the Danish government. How cool is that? Like, nobody owns any property in this place and if you want to live there you have to apply through their council and they get to vote whether they want you there and I've been told that basically if you don't know anyone on the council there's no way you'll get accepted to live there - the community is that tight knit. The whole place is full of really cool houses and workshops and just in general there's really good vibes in that place. It's full of hippies, guys.


Upon entering the neighbourhood there's a sign warning you to not take any pictures... No running... No screaming... All because, ladies and gentlemen, Freetown Christiania is also referred to as the Green Light District. Why do you ask? I mean, it's obvious, but let me make it crystal clear. Upon entering the main street (called Pusher Street) they have guys who have completely covered their faces in sunglasses, caps, and bandanas standing with multiple German Shepherds. Down the entire main street there are these booths that make up a market. In those booths they sell weed and hash. (I'm insane for going there.) Now the warning signs make a lot of sense. I've been told that even for having a phone in your hand on the main street can get you beat up by the locals. I wasn't gonna take any chances. I mean I'm reckless, but not stupid. Personally, I had no trouble in the neighbourhood. I knew my place, I walked around, I saw what I went there to see, then I left.

After that I went back to Paper Island to eat, then I had hours and hours of chill time. I went back to the park near the botanical gardens and I shit you not, I took a nap on the grass in the middle of the park for like half an hour. Then I went to chill by the canal and had some coffee. The weather was super nice and sitting by the water was extremely relaxing. I probably spent like an hour there. In the evening I met up with my host again and went back to his, we watched the entire season one of Mr Robot in those 3 days lol.

Ok, this is where it gets kinda scary. He woke me up in the middle of the night and was like "I need to got to work." and I was like "What the hell, now? What happened?" then he was like "Yes, now. There was a shooting at Chirstiania. Two of my colleagues got shot." (He's a police officer, btw.)



He left for work, screaming profanities all the while, and my heart was racing for like 3 hours after he left. I eventually fell asleep when it started getting light outside. That was pretty scary, because I kept thinking about how I was literally strolling through Christiania during the day, not a single care in the world. Life, man.

DAY 4 

This shouldn't be considered as a day at all because it consisted of me getting up, going to a coffee shop to get coffee and breakfast, then transporting my ass to the airport and flying back to Lithuania. So that was my trip to Copenhagen! I had a lot of fun, I saw a lot of cool things, ate a lot of delicious food, and had an awesome host.

I often get asked if I'm not scared of traveling by myself and honestly, no. Traveling on my own means that I get to do whatever the fuck I want, whenever I want it. I don't have to compromise with anyone on where to go or what to eat etc. It's a lot of fun to travel by yourself, plus you're never truly alone when you travel. There are always opportunities to meet and talk to others, and when you travel with friends, you tend to stay in your group. Anyway, that's my take on it.

Hope you've enjoyed this post! Let me know if you've ever been to Copenhagen and if you liked it! 

Much love. 


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