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Well hello there! As promised, here is the blog post with some details about Andrea's (Flying to the Words) and my Christmas Countdown Instagram Photo Challenge. Wow, what a mouth full! Anyway. I'm really glad to hear that people were really excited about the challenge and that so many of you are going to participate, this makes us very happy! 

It has come to out attention that some of you want to participate in the challenge but don't have the time, or have exams in December, or don't celebrate Christmas at all. Andrea and I talked back and forth about all of this because even though this is a Christmas countdown challenge, we first and foremost wanted it to be fun. We love the holiday season and we want this to be as fun and as inclusive as possible. So we tried in include as many general winter prompts in the challenge as we could. That being said, we know that a lot of you do celebrate xmas and would like to see xmas prompts - so we did that too. If you can't do all of the days, or don't want to, you really don't have to! We're not going to be mad at you or anything, we're just happy you'll be participating at all! If you do 1 day, or 5, or all of them, that's more than fine! Just have fun with it! 

(Also, yes, we do realise we missed a typo for day 2. We most definitely didn't mean threats! It's treats.) 

And just in case you'd like to see the text in bigger letters, here it is for your convenience below. 

Much love. 


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