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Disclaimer: I honestly have no intention to offend anyone with my thoughts on the subjects that I'm going to talk about so bare this in mind - these are just my opinions and you are more than welcome to present yours in the comments so that we can have a conversation about this (as long as you're mature with the way you go about it). 

Anyway. Today, I wanna talk about getting shit done. And this is more so geared towards getting shit done for social media, i.e. Instagram, blogging, YouTube, and just creating content/stuff in general. But I'm going to focus on the content aspect in this post just because this is what people ask me most about and this is what I know best. 

Now, I do not claim to be some well known internet person, but I do get a lot of messages asking me about this stuff and it just started to kinda frustrate me for some reason. This is more so prevalent for Instagram because I get DM's on a regular basis stating that they enjoy my account and they ask if I could give them some advice on theirs because they're not sure about it, or they don't like it and want to change it, or if they're doing something wrong because they don't get any likes or follows (more on that later), then this leads to them asking how I take my pics for IG and how I edit them. 

For the purpose of delivering a point later on, I'm going to go through my process of taking/making pictures for my IG account. I use my Canon EOS 1200D (aka Rebel T5) with the stock lens, edit the pictures on my macbook on a software called photoscape then download them to my phone and add a filter through the VSCO app (the filter I use is HB1 because people want me to get THAT specific) , then post the pic. The same process applies for my pics on the blog here, and I use the same camera for my YouTube videos and edit those with iMovie. 

I have no problem with telling you how I do what I do. I really don't, I can tell you the littlest steps of what I do on photoscape from the scale of the clarity to the brightness to the sharpness to whatever the fuck, to which filter I use and how opaque I make it. I can tell you all of this and you can copy these steps if you want, I honestly don't give a shit, do what makes you happy. BUT. Speaking of happy... This is where shit gets kinda weird because I feel that the people who ask me this stuff most (key word here) of the time just want to copy the process to get likes and follows. First of all, if you're into this for the likes and follows - stop. This isn't for you. That's not the way to go about it because a) people will be able to tell you're not being genuine, and b) it's soooo not healthy for your mental health to be so fixated on numbers. Just, no. It bothers me to no end when they only thing on their mind is that, because... WHAT?! I have nothing against those people who ask these things when they want to genuinely get better at what they do. I'm all here for it and I love sharing tips and tricks how to improve your craft/content. Those who truly love what they do and are persistent, they will (and do) get getter as time goes on and their following (and in turn likes) will snowball. You just have to give it time

But above all, my advice to the people who ask me those things is always - YOU NEED TO LOVE WHAT YOU DO, as juvenile as it sounds. Because regardless of what equipment you have, or how you edit the pictures, you won't be able to sustain this if you really don't love it. An example: at this moment in time that I am writing this post, I am hosting a giveaway on my IG account. The only thing you had to do to enter was post the reason why you love to read in the comments of the picture. I loved reading those comments SO MUCH that I spent about 6 hours creating, then copy and pasting all of the comments into a Tumblr blog because I wanted those comments to stay somewhere forever. Who in their right mind would spent so much time on this if they didn't love it with every single cell of their being? Thinking of, setting up, taking, editing, exporting, filming, uploading, writing, checking, REGULARLY POSTING, etc. etc. etc!!!!!! if they didn't love it??! I work during the week and do all of the things I mentioned above on the weekends when I have the time instead of relaxing like any normal person should. But I don't mind it. This is a hobby for me, this is what I love and doing this gives me joy. I don't do it for the likes, or the follows. I do it out of love and the need to connect to others who love the same things as I do. THAT'S the only reason why you should do what you do - regardless of what that thing is. 

So those are my thoughts. Again, I welcome all opinions as I like discussing these things. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you've enjoyed this post! 

Much love, 


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